welcome to my site! this place serves as a creative outlet and also a way to archive me and my work on the web forever! everything here is always gonna be unfinished or a work in progress so have no expectations. Also the site might look a weird on mobile or different monitor sizes, so I am sorry for that. I try to fix it every once in a while. Anyways, enjoy my little corner of a corner of the internet.

Be warned that some pages on this site have autoplay! just mute your tab if you dont want to hear my awesome music taste.


My name is Leo. As you probably read from the text above, i made this site for fun. i started it when i was trying to make a carrd but got stressed out and used neocities as a less restrictive alternative. Boy, i had no idea how much of my time i would put into this site. My two main hobbies are drawing and making music. I also like solving puzzles and playing horror games. i have lot of trouble talking to others and detecting tone in text, so if i ever talk to you, sorry if i come off as strange or unintrested. Because of my trouble with talking, i try not to write too much on this site. I like to show rather then tell using fun visuals and such. I still write quite a bit though.

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8/3/21 - Created the update log. ello!

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