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leo's infinite art project

welcome to my site! this place serves as a creative outlet and also a way to archive me and the stuff i make on the web forever! everything here is always gonna be unfinished or a work in progress so have no expectations. Also the site might look a weird on mobile or different monitor sizes, so I am sorry for that. I try to fix it every once in a while. Anyways, enjoy my little corner of a corner of the internet.

Be warned that some pages on this site have autoplay! just mute your tab if you dont want to hear my awesome music taste.


My name is Leo, I go by different names in different places but Leo is the main name I use. I've been running this site since October 2020 but i've been on the internet since i was a little kid. I try to keep writing here to a minimum, I like to show rather then tell using fun visuals and such. Theres still quite a bit of writing though, mostly incoherent ramblings of the things I enjoy. I like to draw, make music, and watch cartoons. Someday I would like to make a story in the form of a video game or webcomic.

Where you can find me



Instagram (easiest means of contact)

Update Log

12/4/21 - I know i JUST finished the animation page but im revamping it so it will be down for a bit, not too long tho. please understand that im a perfectionist x(

11/24/21 - Music page is back up!

11/21/21 - Guestbook added under site navigation!

10/13/21 - I've been working on it for way too long but it's finally done, the animation lovemail page has been added! + new button! ooooo animemem

10/9/21 - Happy first anniversary of this site!

10/1/21 - Art and music page are temporarily closed for maintenance. Will be back up soon!

9/23/21 - Slight redesign of index. Still a work in progress.

8/26/21 - Added the site resources page! Check it out!

8/3/21 - Created the update log. ello!

10/9/20 - has been created.