i am going to be writing about dr and what i like about it because i freaking can!

my favorite game is sdr2 but i really like all the games, not including v3

I haven't finished it and i dont plan to. it's so boring, i could barely get through the first chapter.

besides the games, i like danganronpa zero, which is a light novel prequel to dr1 and dr2.

My favorite characters are Ryoko and Teruteru although Chiaki is a close second.

My least favorites are Himiko, Kokichi, and Shuichi. Not because I really hate them, I just think they aren't very intresting. And Kokichi is just annoying.

My favorite chapter is probably the first and second chapters of sdr2. I think they are some of the best written chapters in the games since the murders actually have something to do with the character's talents and I think I just like them since they were the first chapters I played when I first got into DR as a whole. very nice.

also you can go inside the hotel by clicking the crosshair.

isnt that so cool, fun and interactive?!

there are a few other little secrets on here so click around if you would like

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