Music is one of my many special intrests, as it is for a lot of people I bet. Very recently I've been inspired to try to make my own tracks. I hope one day i can be as good at the musicians i look up to.

Every few months, my taste in music changes drastically. Currently, I'm very into happy hardcore, speedcore, chiptune, and electronic music as a whole.

When i first started making tracks, i wanted to make exclusively speedcore and mashcore, but over time, ive discovered my true passion is EDM and breakcore. I like chopping up premade vocals and audio, which is probably obvious with the tracks ive made. I try to make at least a small part of a song every day and try something out of my comfort zone each time.

More Cool Artists

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warning: although they aren't novels or anything, some of these are a little long. i just love talking about cool people.


Gynx/Pipedream Soundsystems




Swift Treweeke/passenger of shit


Tracks I make

when i do the music, i use soundtrap, audacity, and openmpt. Mostly openmpt though. I hope to try out FL studio someday.

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Cool songs

in case you can't tell, i listen to most of my music on soundcloud. Here's some stuff from there that i like + a few tracks from bandcamp.

some of these are loud so turn your volume down!

Ayane Fukumi · Shut Me Up (Breakcore Remix)
1 Trait Danger · DROVE MY CAR
Lapfoxduccs · Renard - A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING - 12 WI - FI BRIDGE
ᴅɪᴤʀᴜᴘᴛɪᴠᴇ. · Pianoid — RAVEKICK
furryy · Renard - Why Am I So Angry
Gynx · Gynx & Srgt. Moon - Eminem Adopts a Dragon
happymusicarchive · 4lung - TOGETHER, WE WILL NOT FAIL!
HooNose/Skavenger · Happy For Nothing
FULL TAC · insane together
Reuploader · Apartje - Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem