Some sort of canine//♂//19//Asexual

Niffnaff is a wannabe musican and the 'second coming of christ.' He believes he is the son of Jesus and tries to recruit followers through his crappy bottom of the barrel furry music. You can find him in the very back of your local church having a seizure or picking fights in youtube comment sections.

Niffnaff Trivia!

- I made Niffnaff on September 26th 2020 just as i was getting back into the furry fandom after not touching it since 2018. He's the mascot for my music and also the main character of a whole story/universe i have with a bunch of my other characters. I don't think I'll ever share it.

- Niffnaff is intersex and identified as a girl for most of his life until he got out of highschool.