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Site Resources!

Want to make your very own webpage? here are some things to get you started! More will be added as I learn!


Reminder: When you take images from a site, unless given permission, its better to download and host them on your own server! embedding them directly from the site is called hotlinking can take up space in the original website and/or costs the site more money to run. Host your own images!

List of some sites that I've gotten Graphics from!


Some unsorted backgrounds that weren't taken from anywhere in paticular.


Graphics and images taken from my travels on the web.


Mini Tutorials

Short, simple tutorials by yours truly! note that im no where near and expert and there are other, better ways to do things besides what i explain. im just showing how to do things that i personally had a lot of trouble with when i first made this site in case others struggle.

How to add autoplay music to a site

1.) Download the song you want to play on your site to your computer, whether it be from youtube or anywhere else.

2.) Upload it to a file hosting site where you can get a link of it. An easy, free site to use for this is

3.) Go to the editor of the page you want to play the music. Under body, put down this line of code

4.) In source src="", put the link of the song file between the quotation marks, like so.


5.) Save and view the page. It should work.

If you want to make the audio playing visible, like this, change audio autoplay loop to audio controls autoplay.

Helpful Links

Useful miscellaneous links.

*you totally shouldn't open the audio file linked on the autoplay tutorial.

Any questions? Ask on my neocities profile. An easier method of contact will be added soon.