Ever since I was little, I've always loved animation of all kinds. I loved anime, cartoons, claymation, puppets, all of it. That still remains true to this day! I want to see as many animations from around the world as I can.

I've had a lot of time to myself because of quarantine, and something I've been doing pretty recently to pass that time is finding and watching obscure or strange animated movies and shows. Its been a lot of fun and I've found a lot of gems so I would like to share and ramble all the wonderful work I've found so far! I will try to stay as spoiler free as I can for all of these so you can enjoy them 100% blind if you wish.

Please excuse any grammar mistakes. I'll probably fix them later if i notice them.

If you know any interesting animated shows or movies, pass the name to me!

i'll give it a shot!

Perfect Blue

Perfect blue is a Japanese 1997 animated film directed by Satoshi Kon. Its about an idol named Mima giving up on her career and becoming an actress whilst being stalked and slowly losing her sanity.

This movie has been on my radar for a while. I've seen screenshots of it floating around but I became interested in it when I saw a DVD of another movie (Paprika) by Satoshi at a library. I thought 'hey, this is the guy who made that one movie, isnt it?' I wanted to watch this one first since it was more popular. I went into knowing nothing about it but wow, it blew my expectations out of the water.

It's so incredibly well done. It gets a bit confusing at some parts but the end of the movie explains everything terrifyingly. I'll try not to spoil but something is revealed about Mima's stalker that completely changes the context of the previous events of the movie. It pulls everything together wonderfully. I also really like the animation. I have a bit of a soft spot for more realistic looking anime styles and Perfect Blue's won me over. The design of her stalker is pretty creepy as well and pulls off exactly what it needs to. Great art and great story! I heard someone online say that Perfect Blue is not a puzzle to be solved but a story to be expirenced. I couldn't agree more. I reccomend it to those who like psychological horror. Note that theres a few graphic/disturbing scenes like sexual assault and a violence. If you can deal with that, you should check it out. Satoshi Kon was a very talented man as well, you should take a look some other things that hes directed! Another one of his works that I recommend is Paranoia agent!


Padak is a Korean 2012 animated film about a mackarel trying to escape back to the ocean after being caught for a sushi shop.

I found this movie through a review of it on youtube. About 30 seconds in, I decided it sounded interesting and I wanted to watch it myself before watching the review. Good choice on my part, this movie is great and I'm glad I didn't spoil it for myself. Although the story takes place in a small fishtank for the majority, its still really interesting and definitely kept me hooked 100% of the time. It was able to effectively show the stakes at risk through squeamish visuals, great dialouge, and characters. I never thought I would be so sad over the death of a fictional fish or two but here I am. Speaking of death, theres a lot in this film. Theres a lot of scenes of fish getting killed by both humans and other fish, its really well animated and makes me cringe just looking at it. I don't eat fish but if I did, I probably wouldn't after this film. (Actually, I watched this with my mom and she said that she never wanted to eat fish again LAWL) Along with the gore in this film, I think the visuals in general are great. I've seen some people say that the 3D animation isn't fitting or that its ugly but I think thats the point. There are some 2D animated parts in this movie for songs and such and although they are gorgeous and well done, I think its good that the main type of animation in the film was 3D. I don't think 2D could capture the same morbid feeling. Also the ending of this movie, wow. I didn't expect it at all. Obviously I won't spoil but god DANG I would have never guessed what would have happened in a million years. It's tragic, but a great way to end the film. Overall, Padak is an amazing film and wil interest those who like dark and engaging stories. Watch it!!!!! You can buy it on steam for $2.99! (yeah, i didn't know steam sold movies either.) Here's my favorite song from the movie. Its very catchy.